AbuBakr Ahmad, Middle School Math

My Classes:

Middle School Mathematics

My Experience:

My first teaching experience in a professional setting was working for the CY (Cham Youth) Afterschool Tutoring Program at Jami’ul Muslimeen Masjid in Seattle, Washington. I worked as an intern at the WAPIFASA Teen Drug and Alcohol Prevention Center. I taught Math, Language Arts, History, and Science to upper elementary students for 3 years at the Muslim Youth Academy. I taught for one year at the Islamic Learning Center. I am currently employed as a 4th Grade teacher at Makkah Islamic School where I have taught since 2011.

My Education:

High School Diploma

Why I like teaching :

I like teaching because it makes me feel good to know that I am taking part in the development of my students and that I am helping to build future professionals in the Muslim community.

E-mail Ustadh AbuBakr at abubakr.ahmath@makkahislamicschool.org