Islamic Studies Curriculum


Makkah Islamic School teaches Arabic to all of its students as Arabic is the language of the Quran.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade students focus on being able to read and write the Arabic letters and words.  2nd-4th Grade students focus on understanding vocabulary words and learning short phrases. For the 5th-8th grade, the students focus on grammar and usage using a combination of the Arabic books from the Islamic University of Madinah as well as other supplementary materials.  For more information on our Arabic program please contact your child’s Arabic teacher.

Makkah Islamic School’s Islamic Studies program begins with teaching dua and Islamic manners to our Kindergarten-2nd-grade students.  When students reach 3rd grade we focus on making sure that they know the proper way to make Wudu’ and the proper way to pray.  As our program continues students will learn hadeeth, manners, belief, fiqh, stories of the Prophets, and Islamic History using a combination of materials prepared by our staff.  For more information on our program please contact your child’s Islamic Studies teacher.

Makkah Islamic School’s Quran program begins with teaching Kindergarteners how to read Arabic with the proper pronunciation.  In Kindergarten, our students will also memorize what they are able from Juz Amma.  In 1st grade, the students will progress to reading from the Mushaf.  By the end of 1st grade, we expect that most if not all of our students will be able to fluently read from the Mushaf.  Beginning in 2nd-grade students will begin our Tahfiz program that is based on the “How to Memorize the Quran in 1000 Days” model.  Students will memorize new material while always being asked to review what they have previously memorized.  Students who enter our school in 2nd grade or higher will be tested on their ability to read from the Mushaf.  For those who read fluently, they will be entered into our Tahfiz program.  For those who are not able to read fluently, they will be placed in our reading program until they are able to read with fluency.